The Soil Factory

Exploring Art, Science and Sustainability


Residencies are open to anyone who is interested in engaging with the community at The Soil Factory, including but not limited to artists, scientists, musicians, community organizers, activists, environmentalists. This program started in November 2021 and utilizes a small house with access to the land and programming at The Soil Factory. We are experimenting with innovative approaches to bring people together that would normally not meet to generate connections for building a sustainable future. A few examples where exciting networks started to expand in unexpected ways, are listed below…

Here are a few of our past residents:

Ash Ferlito (Ithaca, NY)

Donna Oblongata (theater artist – Philadelphia, PA)

Patrick Costello (visual & landscape art – NYC)

Nance Klehm (land systems designer, soil scientist – Freeport, IL)

Alek Slon (visual and video art – Warsaw, Poland)

Magda Pios (architect – Warsaw, Poland)

Rachel Garber Cole (visual artist – NYC)

Hae Ahn Kwan (visual artist – Halifax, Canada)

Daniel Bozhkov (visual & performance – NYC)

Ella Zeigler (Berlin, DE)

Abigail Raphael Collins (video artist – Los Angeles, CA)

Amanda Simson (science/art – NYC)

Andrew Freiband (art/science intersection – NYC)

dean erdmann (visual/media artist – San Diego, CA)

Fritz Horstman (sound and visual artist – Bethany, CT)

Leslie Rogers (textile artist – Detroit, MI)

Paolo Buggiani (performance artist – Rome, Italy )

Nathaniel Hendrickson (sculpture and visual artist – KY)

Dylan Gauthier (artist/curator/educator – NYC)

Sonia Ramirez (sculpture/graffiti/installation artist)