The Soil Factory

Exploring Art, Science and Sustainability


Art-Science exhibitions are an ongoing collaboration between those engaging in The Soil Factory, resulting in an ever-changing experiment. These exhibitions are less a static product conceived by a single person and brought to a gallery space than a joint activity and evolving conversation. Here are some examples of these experiments.

Paulina Velazquez developed ideas around water quality and sustainability using multiple projections (June-August 2021)

Werner Sun developed the spatial design of large-scale mobile commissioned for Cornell’s exhibition on climate change and ecological calendars in the Nevin Center, collaborating with Maro Kariya on projections and with Melissa Zarem on a large mural. (August-September 2021)

Artists Abrie Fourie, Travis Johns, YuYu Myint Than, Neil Schill, Jacob Wong and Ella Ziegler collaborated on “Iterations”. (October 23-31)