The Soil Factory

Exploring Art, Science and Sustainability


Multi-Disciplinary Meetings: 

Through regular meetings (usually Thursday late afternoon into the evening), the Soil Factory provides a platform for engagement. There is always room for spontaneous discussions, and most weeks a few individuals are taking the lead on organizing an activity. Get in touch with Rebecca NelsonNeil Schill or Johannes Lehmann if you have a suggestion.

Movie Nights: 

Movie nights (usually Friday) allow discussion of unusual films that challenge us to think outside the box,- whether made during silent film era at the beginning the 20th century or just last year. Shown inside during the winter or projected onto the wavy metal walls of The Soil Factory, even in rain or snow, the conversations before and after the film create a community of those interested in new ideas. Patty Keller, Cecelia Lawless and Neil Schill are organizing this treat.


Art-Science exhibitions are an ongoing collaboration between those engaging in The Soil Factory, resulting in an ever-changing experiment. These exhibitions are less a static product conceived by a single person and brought to a gallery space than a joint activity and evolving conversation.


Events take the form of performances, concerts, readings that engage audiences with diverse topics, trigger community conversations, and forge new connections.


The Soil Factory is a platform for experimental workshops that cut across disciplines and brings people together to discuss various topics.

Art-Science Residencies: 

Residencies are open to anyone who is interested in engaging with the community at The Soil Factory, including but not limited to artists, scientists, musicians, community organizers, activists, environmentalists. This program started in November 2021 and utilizes a small house with access to the land and programming at The Soil Factory. We are experimenting with innovative approaches to bring people together that would normally not meet to generate connections for building a sustainable future. If you want to visit or know someone you want to invite, get in touch with Anna Ialeggio.

Discussion Points: 

Small focused displays of literature, art and writing about the art-science interface stimulates discussion. If you have an idea about a project, get in touch with Johannes Lehmann.

All events at The Soil Factory are free and without charge. 
Alyssa Kim posing next to an installation on SWAP-DON'T-SHOP to educate on environmental issues caused by the clothing industry, exhibition and swapping station made by Aly Mashek.